Ms. Mary Preston is New Colonial Art Teacher

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Ms. Mary Preston this year replaced long-time art teacher Mrs. Nancy Baird.

Ms. Preston already has made changes.

The art room has been opened up, walls have been knocked down and windows have been replaced. She has taught students about different artists, creating an interesting art class. She chooses an artist students can learn about, then encourages the pupils to create their own version of that artist’s style.

Ms. Preston previously worked at Pelham Middle School, Prospect Hill School and Siwanoy School.

“My hope is that we can get back to this (regular teaching) as soon as possible and get our hands dirty with paint and glue,” said Ms. Preston. “And that I can get to know everyone better and build their confidence in making art.”

Ms. Preston said she loves the students at Colonial and loves “making multimedia artwork with students and introducing students to diverse artists who make unusual or amazing artwork that they may never have heard of or seen.”