Colonial School returns to full in-person learning with clapping, music, spirit week—and everyone together


COLONIAL SCHOOL — The long days staring at the screen in pajamas are over. School is back full time.

When students walked into school on their first Monday back full time, they found music playing and teachers clapping in the windows. 

For the first week of school,  Colonial had spirit week. On Monday, students wore their favorite team uniform, and there were a lot of Mets and Yankees jerseys. Wednesday was really wacky day. Many students sported mismatched socks or even mismatched shoes, even some crazy hair, On Friday, it was time for pajamas and a movie with a special snack.

It’s just nice having all of you in our classroom where you belong, said fifth grade teacher Mrs. Jeanne Salerno.

Student Sebastian Ferrara said, “It’s a total relief. I am so happy to see all my friends again.”

“It’s important to educate the next generation and being in school full time helps,” said PTA member Emily Upshur.

The changes that have been made are my seats are all in rows, we have an air purifier, boards/shields, windows must always be opened no matter how cold we get, and all of my flexible seating furniture like wiggle stools, bean bags, balls are no longer allowed,” said Mrs. Salerno.

Elizabeth Hemsley, a fifth grade student, said, “Being virtual, I think it is kind of fun at times.”