The Kids Heart Challenge: Promotes Mental and Physical Health

The Kids Heart Challenge is a powerful event that 4th and 5th graders enjoy at Colonial.  People who register or donate money to the Kids Heart Challenge are also rewarded with prizes, such as key chains or t-shirts. The Kids Heart Challenge donations all go to the American Heart Association. 

The Kids Heart Challenge started in 2004,  Mrs. Bagwell, the physical education teacher who runs the event at Colonial said “This is year 18 of the Kids Heart Challenge. I think it’s a really cool way for us to help people who have issues with their hearts.” 

The Kids Heart Challenge is a program where students participate to help raise money for children with heart issues. The students do activities such as jump roping and people donate money and register online. Alexandra Weinberg, a student who participated in The Kids Heart Challenge said, “I think the event is a good idea considering there are so many people with heart issues, it’s a good way to honor them.” Gavin McGeever another student explained “It’s good for your mental and physical health.”

Over the years at Colonial, the Kids Heart Challenge has raised close to $30,000, according to Mrs. Bagwell. She also says, throughout the years and between all 4 Pelham elementary schools we have raised more than $100,000. We have raised $2,319.74 for the American Heart Association this year at Colonial school!

The Kids Heart Challenge is a great way to create awareness for heart issues. Also, promotes physical activity that the students in Pelham love.