Mr. Katz Retiring After 31 Years of Teaching!

Mr. Katz is retiring from Colonial School at the end of this school year. He has been Colonial’s music teacher for the past 2 years and before that he has been the music teacher throughout the district for a total of 31 years! Mr. Katz has been teaching music since 1991! All of the students love Mr. Katz and his funny personality. The students are very sad to see him leave.

Mr. Katz will miss Colonial, but what he’ll miss the most are the kids. Mr. Katz said, “The reason I will miss the kids the most is because they are wonderful, kind and smart.” His favorite experience at Colonial is when he started here 2 years ago, and everyone greeted him with smiles under their masks.

Mr. Katz would like to thank the teachers, children, and parents. He would like to thank the children especially for participating and having fun with him during concerts and the musician of the month.

We will all miss Mr. Katz very much. Always remember “You rock dude!”