Colonial School Hosted Klezmer Music Assembly

On May 24, 2022, Colonial school hosted a music celebration for Jewish Heritage Month to honor and learn about Jewish culture. 

The members from Klezmer Music performed for the entire school. The members of the group played Jewish party music, taught students words in Yiddish and a dance. The dance consists of everyone holding hands and running around. During the dance, the students made different circles and ran around holding each other’s hands, and went side to side.

Alice Villagomez who participated in the dance explained that, “ It was fun and it kind of got chaotic but a good kind of chaotic.” Sophie McCann, another student, said, “ I liked that it taught us a lot about Jewish American culture.” 

Overall, the Klezmer Music Assembly was a great way for kids to learn about other cultures! Colonial school was so excited about all of the dancing and singing and it was a great experience for all.