Colonial “Lights It Up Blue” for Autism Awareness Month


On April 21st, everyone at Colonial school dressed up in blue and red to celebrate Autism Awareness. Why those colors? You might be wondering, because blue and red are the colors for Autism Awareness; and April is Autism Awareness Month.

To celebrate this, Colonial students designed puzzle pieces to show how they are unique. The symbol of autism is a puzzle piece because it shows the mystery and complexity of Autism. The different colors represent the diversity of the people living with Autism. 

Autism is a developmental disability that affects people’s communication and social skills. It is different for everyone so even if someone has autism we should all treat them equally.

Rosie Bagwell a fifth grader at Colonial school said, “Everyone’s different and they should not be judged. They  just need extra help and that’s okay. We need to be patient with each other.”