Colonial Fifth Graders Have a Blast with their Kindergarten Buddies!


Every year, at Colonial school, each Fifth grader gets paired up with a Kindergartener. 

This helps our new Kindergarteners feel included and gives the Fifth graders a chance to show them around the school. Also, this program allows the students to collaborate and do some fun activities including a scavenger hunt, creating chefs hats for pasta night, and making fruit loop necklaces for the hundredth day of school.

We went into both Kindergarten classrooms and asked them some questions about how they feel about their buddy and the program. Kindergartener, Oliva in KS said, “I like playing with my buddy, especially hide and seek.” Finnegan in KS said, “I like playing 4 squares and soccer with him.” Claire in KM said,“I like having time with my fifth grade buddy.” Eve in KM said, “They’re awesome, very kind and so nice to do all this stuff with us.” 

After the buddies get to know each other they are also allowed to bring each other little gifts. Charlotte in KS said, “My buddy gave me a shell that you can hear the ocean.” 

Overall, this program really allows the Fifth graders to bond with the Kindergarteners. The students are always so excited to see their buddy whether it is during recess or just passing by in the hallway!