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Colonial School Book Fair


Do you love reading new books? Well Colonial school has a book fair every year. It is in the school library, with many great books.

Each class has a time slot, which is when they can pick out books. It began this year on 12/12/23 and ended on the 12/15/23. You can pick out your favorite books and buy them. It’s a fun way to get new books. It lasts for a week. They have fun bookmarks, reading lights and more!

Betty Sweeny from 4M said, “It was really fun looking at all the amazing books.” There are so many different types of books. Just ask Paxton Burgess from 4M. He says, “I love the freedom of being able to get all the books that I love right here in Colonial school’s library!” also if you don’t have enough money on one day you can get more the next day. Michael Hemsley from 4M says, “I think it was very fun and I got to read really good books.” There are volunteers at the check out of the book fair, too. Usually the maximum amount would be two volunteers. You can also ask Tomas from 1H. He says, “It was exciting. There were awesome books. But I loved the LEGO books the most.” There are also parent volunteers, too. Some kids got excited because they saw their parents, and they were volunteers for the book fair.

This incredible event is awesome. If you love to read, the Colonial school book fair is the place to be.

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