Students Practice During Recess for Volleyball Tournament

For fifth grade physical education at Colonial, there was a volleyball tournament that made things interesting.

The tournament consisted of three classes and nine teams. The tournament was exciting because of the close scores and the experience of learning a different sport. It was also thrilling to compete in a tournament that would result in a champion.

“I am super excited for the playoffs,” said Ella Selvadurai beforehand.

“I can’t wait for the experience and the fun,” said Brayden Clark.

The tournament became the subject of discussion and gained interest because of the opportunity to gain bragging rights and beat your friends. Some people took the tournament so seriously that they tried practicing during recess. Even though this tournament was just fun and games, it meant a lot because it was a new opportunity to play with your classmates.

“This is going to be so fun,” said Jared Slawsky, who ended up being part of the championship team. 

“I want to do it again,” said Henry Burke.

The tournament turned out to be so much more than a fun game or beating your friends. It turned out to be a lesson in working together and trusting others.