5S Brings Home the Gold in Colonial’s Volleyball Tournament

The Volleyball tournament was a thrilling event for Colonial School. All of the 5th grade classes participated in the tournament to determine the champion. 

5S defeated 5G in the first match, and then went on to prevail over 5P in a close championship game. Both teams fought very hard, but it was 5S who brought home the trophy.

5P jumped out to a 6-0 lead. But 5S stormed back to take the lead. The score went back and forth and remained throughout the game. 5G was the real underdog. 5G had set history by having every team go 4-4. 5G had a realistic chance of winning at the two minute mark but too many mistakes caused them to lose a 12-14 battle. When asked about if he thought 5S would win Gavin McGeever responded by saying “ Yes, but every one doubted us.”

In the end, with hard work, dedication and teamwork 5S took home the victory!