Pelham Travel Baseball


Pelham’s travel baseball is back and in full gear after a county championship win in Spring 2021! The travel baseball kids who participate range from 8 to 13 years old.

The pitchers include Brady Khan, Jack O’halloran, and Geo Silver. Pelham Travel baseball also has some great fielders such as catcher Daniel Thomas Maron and second baseman Luca Treves. Some power hitters include  Teddy Gary, Luca Treves, Daniel Maron, Brady Khan, and Brooks Horten.

The coaches for the Pelham Travel are Greg Silver, John Gatchalian, Cameron Potts, Lee Khan, and John Horten. One of the teams the Pelham travel team played against was Co-op city. Co-op city had mostly 12 year olds and somehow Pelham Travel Baseball still found a way to win.

Goodluck to the Pelham Travel Baseball team and let’s hope for another great season!