2023 World Baseball Classic


The 2023 World Baseball Classic has officially begun. This international baseball tournament began on March 7th and ends on March 21st.  Just like the FIFA world cup the World Baseball Classic happens every four years.

For those who are not familiar with the World Baseball classic all of the best players play for their home country. For example, Mike Trout the center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels was born in New Jersey so he would play for the USA team. 

There are 20 international teams included in the tournament. The top 5 favorites to win the championship this year are USA, Dominican Republic, Japan, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. 

Last year, USA beat Puerto Rico 8-0, Marcus Stroman pitcher for the USA won MVP of the tournament. Stroman threw 15 ⅓ innings, a 2.15 ERA (Earned Runs Average) and nine strikeouts! 

Tune in on March 21st to find out who will be the champions of the 2023 World Baseball Classic!