MLB 2023 Season


The 2023 MLB (Major League Baseball) season is about to begin! This season should be more exciting than usual because there have been many rule changes to the game. 

First off, the MLB has decided to make the bases 3 inches bigger in hopes of more players stealing bases. More importantly, the MLB has decided to get rid of the shift. The shift is when a teams defense moves to a different part of the field when certain hitters are at bat. For example, if a hitter is a lefty they are more likely to hit it to the left side of the field so the fielders would shift to that side. This is a big change because now there should be more people on base. Another big rule change is the pitch clock. The pitch clock is a timer that will  make the games go faster. The pitchers will have 15 seconds to release the ball and 20 seconds when a runner is on base. An umpire can add additional time if needed. These new rules have made the games a lot shorter and more interesting to watch.

The 2023 MLB Baseball regular season will be 162 games from March 30th to October 3rd and the All-Star game is scheduled to play on July 11th. 

There are also a few retirements such as 3 time all star, 1 time world champion, 2 time Gold Glove award winner and 2 time NL league strikeout leader Adam Wainwright. Another important retirement is 12 time all star, 1 time world champion, 2 time AL MVP, 1 time AL triple crown award winner, 7 time Silver slugger award winner and 4 time Batting champion Miguel Cabrera.

Make sure to catch all the action all season long!