Big City Greens Classic: New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals


Disney Channel, ESPN and the NHL came together to create the first ever live animated NHL game called “NHL Big City Greens Classic.” 

On March 14th, 2023 at 7:00 pm the New York Rangers took on the Washington Capitals. Ilan Ben-Hanan, senior vice president of Programming and Acquisitions, ESPN explained that, “Big City Greens’ has a huge following in a younger audience that we are excited to tap into, offering a fun and creative way to enjoy the game across Disney platforms.”

In the second period both the Rangers and the Capitals scored a goal, but that wasn’t enough for the Capitals to win. The third period came around and the Capitals got a quick goal on the board, but with 2:20 left on the clock the Capitals pulled Darcy Kemper. Right after Kemper got pulled Jimmy Vesey back-handed the puck from the Rangers zone into the back of the Capitals net. The Capitals didn’t have enough time to score two goals, and as the clock ran down the Rangers held the puck and Washington couldn’t get a shot on net.

After three hours of tough competition, the New York Rangers beat the Capitals 5-3. The whole game was animated with more than 100 people. The players didn’t look as realistic but the game was really intriguing to watch. 

 The New York Rangers won the first ever Big City Greens Classic at Madison Square Garden against the Washington Capitals.