The Oakland Athletics Plan to Move to Las Vegas!


Oaklands plan for new field

The Oakland Athletics have been playing in the Oakland Coliseum since 1968. But since moving to there new field in 1968, some problems came out of that here’s what happened!

 The Athletics played in peace until the Oakland Raiders also moved into the colosseum in 1982 which meant the Athletics had to share a field. Twenty years later, and the Oakland Raiders moved to Las vegas. And the attendance at the coliseum was lower than ever averaging only 8,789 people per game, the lowest in MLB. Mainly because the Oakland coliseum has sewage issues, there floors are rusty, and in the 2022 regular season they had to delay three games because the lights had turned off or stopped working.

The Coliseum is also the only stadium in the MLB that has no dugout fences causing injuries to players and coaches. The stadium is also known to have a rodent problem and there are also broken seats. The Oakland Athletics players, coaches and front office was fed up with this so the Athletics plan to move to Las vegas to a brand new stadium. They plan to move by 2027. Once the Athletics move, they will be the first MLB team to play in Las Vegas.