Colonial Students Love Scooterville!


Every April, Colonial students participate in the exciting unit called Scooterville in P.E. Students have a town on display to experience what it is like to run an economy while participating in physical activities.

Colonial students are shown what it is like to have a job and earn a salary. They make purchases for their participation at certain businesses. Some businesses include the Colonial Lanes, Rock Club, Cherry Blossom Golf Club, CES Gymnastics, and Cougar Fitness. Each business you go to you participate in their activity like the rockwall, bowling, arcade, ropes, gymnastics, fitness center, car wash, auto repair shop and the police officer. 

Scooterville is so fun because it does not matter what grade you are in. You get to play Scooterville for three P.E. classes! And if you are here for all those years that would mean you would have 18 Scooterville classes! But the hardest thing to do after scooterville is get back to regular but fun P.E activities.

Overall, the students at Colonial school love Scooterville and cannot wait for next year! Big thanks to Ms. Bagwell for setting it up each and every year.