Champions League Semi-Finals

The Champions League Semi-Finals have recently started and there may be the two best matchups ever. It’s Manchester City vs Real Madrid and Inter Milan vs AC Milan.

Manchester have Played Real Madrid before in the Champions League so we won’t be seeing anything new. In the first leg Vinicius Jr scored a banger down the middle but Kevin De Bruyne scored almost the exact same goal to equalize.

The second leg was something I couldn’t bear to watch with Real Madrid going down 4-0! This means Manchester city have a spot in the Champions League Finals. Many great players did well in that game but it was a wonder to watch Bernerdo Silva, he scored twice in the first half to make the score 2-0 and in the second half Akanji scored his first goal for Man City. In the closing moments of the game Julian Alvarez came off the bench and scored to seal the 4-0 victory.

We must not forget about the Milan derby. In the first leg Inter Milan scored two early goals to beat AC Milan 2-0. In the 8th minute Edin Dzeko scored and right after that in the 11th minute, Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored.

In the second leg Inter Milan beat AC Milan 1-0 making the aggregate 3-0 and securing a spot in the Champions League Finals against Manchester City. Lautaro Martinez scored the winner in the 74th minute assisted by Remelo Lukaku.

In the end it comes down to Manchester City vs Inter Milan in the Champions League Finals. Get ready Istanbul!