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How Moneyball Ruined the Oakland Athletics


In 2003, the Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane created a genius strategy called moneyball. They would get young players, train them and then trade them for money and prospects. 

They did that because they were very poor and it started working very well.The Oakland Athletics got first place with 96 wins. Author Michael Lewis saw this strategy and made a book called Moneyball. It was such a good book they made a movie in 2011. The movie Moneyball was made but in 2023 they lost 112 games. You would not expect this from such a good team but maybe you would?

Other teams have started doing it. The Athletics have just moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2023, at almost every game athletics fans yelled. “SELL THE TEAM!!” In the late seventies to late eighties the Athletics had 9 world series wins!

So what do you think should the athletics sell the team or should they try to get better players and become on top again?

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