Fourth Grade: First Field Trip in Two Years!


On May 9th, 2022 the fourth graders at Colonial school went to the Maritime Aquarium for a field trip! 

 They saw seals, turtles, jellyfish, eals, sharks, fish, monkeys, sting rays, otters, skunks, meerkats, and more. The fourth grader’s went to the touch tank and loved it. At the touch tank, they saw sharks and stingrays. The stingrays were slimy, and the sharks were as rough as sandpaper. One of the fourth graders even saw a sand shark sitting on another sand shark!

There was also a create your own animal section, where kids could pick an animal they wanted to design, and customize it with colors and sizes to make their own animal. The animal that they designed eventually pops up onto the screen in front of them. Everybody was able to see their creations. They could name them, and it was very interactive and fun.

It’s safe to say that everybody had a blast.