Colonial Celebrates Earth Week!


Earth day is a worldwide celebration. People celebrate by cleaning and helping the earth. How do you celebrate?

Colonial celebrates in many different ways. Such as wearing green, walking to school and much more.

Green Monday was a day when everyone wore green to school. Tuesday Colonial students wore something that was passed down to them or they started a clothing donation. Wednesday was walking day where everyone if they could walked to school or rode a bike.

Thursday was trash free Thursday so everyone who brought lunch from home put it in reusable containers and tried not to throw any trash away. Friday was teacher’s choice of any Earth Day activity that they wanted to do. Some classes planted sunflower seeds and others decorated tote bags.

From Monday to Friday Colonial had a drop off bin where dead batteries, old/broken electronics, headsets, printer toners, and cables were dropped off. We disposed of these items responsibly. 

Overall, Colonial school had so many fun events to help make our Earth a cleaner and better place!