Author Visit: John Parra

An author named John Parra came to colonial  school on Tuesday, May 9th and read K-5, a book that was based on one of his childhood memories.

His book started off on John going to his Father’s work which was a landscape contractor. When he is at his Father’s work he sees one of his friends staring out the window, but when his friend sees him staring back his friend  pretends he’s not there. That makes John Parra wonder why his friend from  school did that. 

After John read the book he did an activity when he drew a face and he called on people in the crowd  to tell him what he should add to the face. 

After he finished reading his book there were so many questions. All the kids were screaming and there were millions of hands in the air.

We all enjoyed the author coming and sharing his story with all of us.